Steering Group Minutes 7th October 2021



Minutes of a closed meeting of the Steering Group
held at Roydon Church Room on 7 October 2021

PRESENT Becky Whatley (chair), Richard Pither, Andrew Eaglen, Lindsey Bilston, Andrew Daniels, Teddy Rowley, Rita Rowley, Mike Garnham, Chris Jewell and George Waterman.
APOLOGIES: Simon Noble and Dick Mitchell (for the early part).

1. Introductions:

George Waterman – a professional gardener, involving some woodland management, with Easton training and previously involved with the Hembsy Community Woodland.
Chris Jewell – previously a volunteer at a Watford grassland and woodland wildlife site.

2. Minutes of previous meetings:

The minutes of meeting of 10 June were approved with no matters arising. Lindsey and Mike gave a short account of the recent wildflower workshop.

3. Treasurer’s report:

Balance 10 June £5,568
Donations and summer event £146
Plaque and strimmer service £146
Balance 7th Oct £5,568

HSBC will be imposing a monthly account charge of £5.

4. Secretary’s report:

a) Cherry Carrier has posted the first monthly ‘What to look for at Quaker Wood’ on the notice board and it will shortly to be on the website. Agreed to send her a note of thanks with full support of all. She hopes to follow up with a ‘Discovery Trail’.
b) Ride-on mower. After discussion it was agreed that the funding options for a ride-on mower should be further investigated with recommendations fed back to the SG members. George to check with the Coop Local Community Fund.

5. Management issues:

a) Quaker Meadow Management Plan – agreed to submit the draft version to NWT for comment an suggestions.
b) Schools – Lindsey is hopeful that Roydon Primary will resume there regular visits. Richard to make contact with the chair of the govenors to Diss Junior.
c) Tree safety – No concerns were raised.


a) Working parties –
i. Numbers appear to have come back to pre pandemic levels.
ii. A fixed time mid-morning break to be encouraged.
iii. Many paths are becoming overgrown by the adjoining trees and shrubs. These will be cleared back by the youth group and other volunteers.
iv. Further hedge laying is proposed on the west boundary near the pipe outlet at the head of the new ditch.
v. Further hedge renewal planned at the east end of the north boundary.
vi. A truck load of chippings has been offered free for us to use on the wet winter paths.
b) Annual meeting – Richard Fortey’s talk on his study of a Chiltern beech wood to be rescheduled for March 2022. Investige availability of venues in Roydon/Diss and check with RF for any favoured dates.

6. Other business:

Mike to provide 2 litter bins, and charge for materials
All those present agreed to stand for re-election in the steering group

7. Next steering group meeting:

Thursday 24 February 2022 at 7 pm at Roydon Parish Room

1. Norfolk Threads is a Corn Hall based organisation who walk to different locations and then do some artwork based on their findings. I have just been sent the attached picture of their most recent creations (using windblown material!)
2. Cherry has prepared the attached activity sheet.
3. I have set up a new email address – Mail comes to me and the main purpose is to have a direct contact from the website which is not my personal email. I shall probably continue to use my personal email for my mailing to the SG and supporters.

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