Steering Group Minutes



Minutes of a closed meeting
held on 1st June 2020 by Zoom during the Coronavirus crisis.

PRESENT: Dick Mitchell (chair), Richard Pither, Andrew Eaglen, Simon Noble, Lindsey Bilston, Andrew Daniels, Mike Garnham, Teddy Rowley, Rita Rowley. APOLOGIES: Richard Mabey, Becky Whatley.

1. Minutes of previous meetings:

The minutes of meeting of 13 February were approved with no matters arising.

2. Treasurer’s report:
See below.

3. Secretary’s report:

Nick Lingwood who manages the website is preparing a plant species list that will be available to all on the website and which can be updated as new species appear.

4. Management issues:

a) Management plan agreed without any changes
b) Fairness and Awareness Policy ditto
c) Child Protection Policy ditto
d) Health and Safety Policy ditto
e) Tree Safety Issues None reported
The above will be posted as approved, on the website.

5. Resumption of activities:

a) Resumption of working parties – agreed that we would follow the lead of NWT and SWT
b) Assembly and installation of the storage unit ditto
c) Open day and associated events – agreed that we would wait and see if there was an opportunity to run this in the autumn. The dove to remain in storage for the time being.
d) Bat walk – Lindsey stated that this could be done anytime up to mid October if permitted.
e) Talk by Richard Fortey – probably wait until the annual meeting 2021.
f) Carol singing with Salvation Army – may be possible.

8. Other business:

a) Agreed that minutes of SG meeting would be posted on the website.
b) Generally agreed with reports on social media and Facebook that the woodland was looking excellent.
c) Mike stated that some cyclists have been causing alarm during current high usage of QW. Agreed that we would monitor the situation.

9. Next steering group meeting:

TBA (we normally meet in late September).


Treasurer’s report:

Opening Balance 6500.95
Donations 25
GBS re RPA (Grant) 173.09
Zurich Insurance 191.52
TVC Subs. 10
Fram Farmers – fencing 80.68
Rita – catering 150
Sandy Lane Nurseries – trees 26.28
Portable Space – store 2100
A C Harland – sculpture 350
Martin Phillips – poster design 190
Closing Balance 18 May 2020 3600.56

NB Expenditure on the store will be reimbursed by Roydon PC when this project is completed.

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